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Luminera Derm is an R&D company as well as a manufacturer of injectable medical devices in the aesthetic medicine field.

The company’s portfolio includes a complete line of injectable beauty solution- hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers (Hydryalix and Hydryal), calcium hydroxyapatite based dermal filler (Crystalys) and the unique one of a kind composite matrix dermal filler composed of calcium hydroxyapatite and hyaluronic acid (HArmonyCa).

Company HQ
Dadi Segal
Dadi Segal


Liat Goldshaid-Zmiri
Liat Goldshaid-Zmiri


Eran Goldberg
Eran Goldberg


Yaron Levy
Yaron Levy


Our story

Luminera is part of a group of 7 enterprises active in the pharmaceutical and medical device market for over 40 years, the group of companies is located in Israel and employs more than  250 people.

The company was recently declared as one of the top ten leading  companies in the global market of injectables.

Luminera strictly operates under the highest regulatory standards in compliance with local and international directives. It pays close attention to product conformity along with suppling products of premium quality.

Our mission

Luminera is aimed at developing a variety of both innovative and generic products designed to provide beauty solutions and treat diverse indications. We are committed to production and worldwide distribution of market-leading products in the aesthetic medicine arena.


Luminera is constantly engaged in research and development. The company is led by a vibrant and experienced team of scientists who earned their PhD degrees at leading academic institutions. Product safety is secured by state of the art sterilization techniques and rigorous quality assurance.

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